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Paedicon Biotech Private Limited is a leading pharmaceutical company head-quartered at Panchkula, Haryana having its corporate office at Indore (M.P.). Nowadays, due to sedentary lifestyle, Piles(or hemorrhoids) has become a very common problem. A number of remedies (capsules, ointments, oils, powder etc.) are available in the market claiming the permanent treatment of Piles. However, these treatments provide relief only temporarily. Even after surgery piles come back. The only permanent solution of piles is available in Ayurveda. After an exhaustive research, Paedicon Biotech Private Limited has come out with a unique ayurvedic formula under the name Hemohide which has proven itself in removing painful piles permanently. Hemohide has evolved like a real blessing for those, who are suffering from Piles since very long. People, who have this problem for years and tired using all kind of medicines or those who are just thinking to go for surgery, can take this ayurvedic powder and get rid of painful piles forever. It is a natural, most effective and safest treatment for bleeding and non-bleeding piles with absolutely no side effects. Hemohide is a very cost-effective and easy solution to get rid of piles. It also removes the need of surgery that is always painful and costly. Hemohide is available online at the comfort of your home.