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Hemohide Ayurvedic Piles Care Powder (Pack Of 3)

An Excellent combination of well known herbs that helps in providing relief in painful piles. The herbs used in hemohide are known to treat piles in Ayurveda. It is helpful in removing constipation and can also be consumed by diabetic patients. It has great effect if taken properly on daily basis with mentioned precautions. It is helpful for all physical systems.

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About Hemohide

Hemohide controls pain and provide relief from Piles. Although, a large number of treatments and remedies are available, but Hemohide is the unique one which cures the hemorrhoids with full guarantee. Hemohide is an 100% Ayurvedic medicine with no side effects. It is effective in the treatment of all kinds of piles (bleeding and non-bleeding). It not only gives quick relief in pain but also works fast in removing the piles from root. The product has been used by thousands of patients resulting in 100% satisfaction. It is easy, natural, safe and most effective treatment for piles which starts giving result from the first day. Hemohide is carefully produced with 100% natural ingredients without any fillers, chemical additives or preservatives of any kind.


Consume 3 gm powder with lukewarm water empty stomach daily in the morning and one hour before meal in the evening for:

  • 60 continuous days for non-bleeding piles.
  • 90 continuous days for bleeding piles.

Benefits & Uses

  • Stops rectal bleeding
  • Shrinks hemorrhoids
  • Treats burning & swelling
  • Soothes peri-anal pain
  • Prevents straining at stool
  • Removes itching
  • Removes constipation
  • Can be consumed by diabetic patients


  • Avoid Constipation by including plenty of fruits, vegetables and fiber in the diet regularly.
  • Drink a lot of water and fresh fruit juices.
  • Avoid straining at the toilet.Go to the toilet as soon as possible after feeling the need.
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking, non-veg and fast foods.